Rumor: iPhone and Verizon?

Tony Ortiz April 28, 2009 0


File this under “rumor to the max” but word on the streets is Verizon might be dropping some Apple related devices on it’s network in the near future.

Business Week is reporting that Apple has already created prototype devices for Verizon and it’s currently being tested.

One of the devices was described as an “iPhone” lite and the other is described as some sort of media devices capable of making calls over Wi-Fi.

Not a lot of info on this “iPhone lite” but I’m thinking that the second device could be Verizon’s next hub product. Either that or the other rumor of some sort of MacBook Mini.

Guess we’ll see! Would love to see some Apple products running on Verizon’s awesome network.

Via [EngadgetMobile] via [BuesinessWeek]

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