Oh Geez…Samsung Instinct Mini

Tony Ortiz March 5, 2009 1


Looks like someone got a hold of the rumored Samsung Instinct Mini. Of course the shots are blurry and there’s no other information about the phone other than a few shots, but hey new phones are new phones eh?

BGR is still pegging a April 19th release date but with Sprint’s track record of phone launches, this could change.

Never a huge fan of the Instinct. I think the cellphone manufactures need to start staying away from resistive touch screens and start using capacitive ones.

But hey what do I know? =)

Hit up BGR for more pics and info.

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  1. jude March 26, 2009 at 11:41 AM -

    I like this one. I buy it for my cousin and he’ll be very happy. This thing worth your money.

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