Hands on: HTC Touch HD

Tony Ortiz April 24, 2009 0


Breck Morrison, Vice President of Technology with Handango, just recently stopped by and brought a nice little device with him; the HTC Touch HD.

Mr. Morrison gave us some time with the device and allowed us to review it. Hit the jump for a small breakdown.


The HTC Touch HD was launched back in November of last year. While unfortunately this device has never seen the American shores on a carrier, it is still available for order directly from HTC or online.


The Touch HD is sporting Windows Mobile with HTC’s TouchFLO 3D software, a 528MHZ processor, 288 MB of ram, and a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus.


The Touch HD doesn’t have anything out of the ordinary compared to your average TouchFLO phone when it comes to software. The resistive touchscreen was actually quite pleasant to use and responded well to finger use. The software was obviously finger friendly and we didn’t find ourselves having to use the stylus to get around the various parts of the phone. The soft touch keys on the bottom row of the phone were also very responsive.


The virtual keyboard was surprisingly easy to use. When I first initially saw the keyboard I was expecting to have to use the stylus to hit the small letters but after actually typing on it, I found it rather easy and accurate. The phone does offer a landscape style keyboard but it is not available for use while sending e-mails.


Camera quality was amazing and the UI for the camera was excellent. While the camera is active, you can touch a specific part on the screen and the phone will auto focus to that position.

Here is a photo taken directly from the Touch HD:


Call quality was clear and without interference. The phone was running on the AT&T network and data was being run over EDGE. The Touch HD is 3G capable but the model I was reviewing was not set up on AT&T’s 3G network.


Web browsing was done over Internet Explorer or Opera Mobile and was pretty much what you’d expect. Different web browsers are available.


Build quality was excellent. The phone had a nice weight to it and the size was just perfect. No complaints at all.

All in all I found it to be a pretty nice high end device. Definitely something I could see as being great to use for media and email use. I’m slightly disappointed that none of the American carriers decided to make this phone available.

Shout out again to Breck Morrison and Handango for giving us some time with the phone! Make sure you guys hit them up at www.handango.com for all your software needs.

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