Nokia confirms Lumia 900 software issue; offering fix and $100 credit

Justin Cauchon April 10, 2012 0

Lumia 900

AT&T has a $150 million ad budget for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900, but won’t stop the Internet connectivity issues that some users are experiencing.

Nokia confirmed the issue today on its Conversations blog saying that it is a software issue. This issue has to do with memory management and can cause a loss of data, in some cases.

Nokia and AT&T are taking immediate steps to solve this issue for its customers. Here are the two options if you bought a Lumia 900:

  • Swap your current Lumia 900 for an updated one at an AT&T store
  • Update your device with the latest software on or around April 16

But that isn’t the end of it, Nokia is also offering a $100 credit on your AT&T bill if you purchased the phone before April 21. This essentially makes the device free since the cost of the device is $99 on contract.

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