Jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 for iPad 2 just released

John July 6, 2011 0


Oh, the long wait is finally over! Our friends with the iPhone Dev Team have really come through for us, jailbreakme.com is back up and running… WITH SUPPORT FOR IPAD 2!


You may be wondering “What does this mean?”. Quite simply it means that you can now jailbreak your iDevice directly from the Safari web browser, no computer is needed! Open Safari, type jailbreakme.com into your address bar and push that familiar “Free” button that you see.


There are 2 main reasons to Jailbreak your iDevice this time though. Not only will you finally escape from Apple’s Garden (yeah, I just plugged one of my other blogs…) but you will be protecting yourself from an exploit that could be used to inject harmful code or malicious software onto your precious device. The developer of jailbreakme has also written a patch to seal up this exploit once you jailbreak. At the moment, Apple has not provided a software update, therefore your only hope of protection would be to jailbreak your device and then install his patch. This is most important on iPhone 2g and 3g, support for the newest software has dropped from these devices, they will ONLY find protection from this exploit through the use of @comex’s patch. It is called PDF Patcher 2 and is available on Cydia for free once you have jailbroken your iDevice.


Lets sum this up.

1) jailbreakme.com is back up and running, providing a web based solution for Jailbreaking your iDevice without the need for a computer.

2)This is important! At this moment in time, there is no way to protect yourself from this exploit without Jailbreaking and installing @comex’s PDF Patcher 2. This is especially important to owners of older devices that are not eligible for the update, when it does in fact come out. This would leave your device open for attack in the event that malicious code is distributed.

3)This jailbreak finally allows owners of the new iPad 2 to enter the community! What great possibilities await for this fantastic piece of hardware!

4)Send me some pics of the great places that you find to jailbreak your devices! (Just remember to do it safely and responsibly) If you are planning on attempting this in an Apple Store, please note that they have blocked this site from within the store, you will have to be especially creative if you plan to do that! I will glean the best pics from all responses and will update them here in a special gallery. Come join the fun!

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