Rogers launch “Unlimited” Student and Family Plan

Andrew Duong August 5, 2010 0

Rogers has launched some new and improved student and family plans. What’s new with the family plans is that you are now able to add a line for $15 (voice) or $25 (voice & data) and allow that line to share all the unlimited features that’s on the family plan such has unlimited evening and weekends or unlimited nationwide calling.

For students, Rogers has launched the Unlimited Student Plan which offers unlimited features that matter the most to students and teenagers including unlimited messaging and unlimited social networking. Also, for students that purchase a UMA enabled phone. They will be allowed to make unlimited calls through their WiFi connection and not have it deducted from their monthly bucket limit.

Real question is, are there any unlimited data plans or unlimited local calling plans available yet? No. So why call it the “Unlimited” student and family plan? Hmm. Tricky tricky…

[Source via: RedBoard]

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