iPhone 4 problems could cause delay for Canadians, even recalls

Andrew Duong July 14, 2010 0

Researchers say that the iPhone 4 signal problem has become a huge issue. After Apple has claimed that it was a simple software issue due to miscalculated signals and released an update, consumers found that the problem still existed and researchers have digged deeper to find out why.

Apple claimed that it was a simple illusion of the bars on the iPhone but tests conducted by experts in a laboratory using controlled signals have shown that it is in fact a serious hardware problem and no illusion. Brand experts said that Apple has no other choice but to recall the smartphone product to protect it’s brand.

After the emails of telling users to hold the iPhone 4 in a different way even though it is shown on commercials that it’s suppose to be held by the left hand covering the bottom left corner, or telling users to purchase the overpriced iPhone 4 bumper case, with well over 1.7 million units and counting sold already, it’s hard to say the Apple company would recall the iPhone 4, but if anything. It’s protecting the brand name more then the device.

July is coming to an end soon, and still no iPhone 4 for our fellow Canadians. Because of this issue, many rumors have been floating around about having the iPhone 4 delayed for Canadian users, but no carrier has confirmed any of this information. All we can really do now is wait…

[Source via: MontrealGazette]

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