REVIEW: Griffin Outfit Metallic for iPhone 3G/3GS

Andrew Duong June 27, 2010 2

Still haven’t sold your iPhone 3G or 3GS? Looking for a case? Well it looks like Griffin might be the ones to provide you with it. We have here outfit metallic case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS that Griffin shipped to us free of charge. It’s a pretty simple case and protects scratches, dings and dents that you do towards your iPhone. So what can we say about this case? It’s simple. There aren’t many cases out there that provide such a simplex casing yet keeping it protected from harsh, physical damages.

The Griffin Outfit Metallic case features a 2 piece hard shell casing which allows the bottom piece to be detached easily and allow simple docking. The case is finished in a blackish gray bright metallic color. It’s glossy finish allows the iPhone to keep it’s sleek look. It’s also quite the fingerprint magnet, you’ll also notice scratches instantly after only a few days of usage. What I liked about this case was the matte soft-touch finish in the case itself. This allowed the phone to slide in and out easily without leaving scratches like many other cases do.

While this might not be the most stylish case out, it does its job. The simplex cut outs of each port and button as well as the inner soft-touch feeling allows the user to enjoy his or her phone without loosing the basic iPhone look. You can purchase this product over at Griffin’s website for a retail price of $29.99

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