REVIEW: OtterBox Defender Series for BlackBerry Bold 9700

Andrew Duong May 19, 2010 2

The OtterBox company has yet again come through for us and gave another Defender Series case for us to review. This time, for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. As you may know, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is a business smartphone, and the king of it when it comes to any type of social messaging. Now not only business users like BlackBerry’s, but also construction workers. So why should they suffer and have their Bold destroyed every time they drop their phone? Well they shouldn’t have to anymore with the OtterBox Defender series case.

If you read our review for the Defender Series case for the iPhone 3G/3GS you’ll know exactly what we mean by durable. OtterBox’s reputation for nearly indestructible cases are what we all should have, but would you be willing to live with the bulkiness? The case has 3 +1 layers of protection why we say plus 1 is because the first layer is in fact a thin piece of plastic which covers your keypad separately to keep the dust away. The second layer is a plastic case that snaps onto your Bold and covers your LCD screen, camera lens, and headset with a filter to keep dust out. third layer is a rubber silicon case that goes around that plastic case which covers the convenient keys, volume rocker, lock and mute key as well as the micro USB and headphone port. Then finally a belt clip that holds your device into place. Now the reason why I love this belt clip is because it’s snap on. Easy to put it and take out. Also the magnet that puts your phone asleep when it’s in the holster.

So as you can see, after all 3 + 1 layers. You’ll notice that the case has added a lot of bulk towards the phone. You’ll also notice that most of the sexy silver chrome or black leather has been covered. Even the charging dock contacts have been covered so this might not be the best case for you, but if your really rough with your phones and a case is a must. Don’t go with those cheap and buy those OEM 1 layer silicon case. Go with the OtterBox Defender’s full protection. At a price of $49.95, what can go wrong?

OtterBox Defender Series for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

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