webOS 1.4 may be coming on February 15th

Justin Cauchon February 11, 2010 0

Last month at CES, Palm announced that webOS 1.4 would be available in February. They failed to announce an exact date, but sources are saying that it is coming on the 15th. In just four days Palm customers will be able to update their webOS phones to 1.4 and get some great new features that the devices have been missing. Our favorite webOS 1.4 feature? Flash 10 plug-in support. We have been dying to get Flash on our iPhone and BlackBerry, but it doesn’t seem like it is coming all that soon. Palm has beat them to the punch by adding it into webOS 1.4. Also coming along is video recording where users will be able to capture video, edit the video, and share the video on YouTuve, Facebook, email, or MMS right from the phone. webOS will be available as a over-the-air update.


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