Rogers Receive BlackBerry 8520 Dummy Phones

Andrew Duong September 30, 2009 1


As Q4 is set to begin. Rogers is more keen into releasing new phones. The BlackBerry 8520 is one of them. Treatz over at HowardForums just took some snapshots of the BlackBerry 8520 Dummy Phone with Rogers branding on them. The 8520 will come in black and lavender (a silver with a hint of purple?).

Rumors are that the BlackBerry 8520 is set to launch on the first week of October. Then the BlackBerry 9700 shortly after. No pricing as of yet but it won’t be to expensive since it is a low end model. Expect a price drop onthe 8310s as the 8520 might finally be the phone to kick the ol’ 83xx series off the list. 

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  1. levi May 28, 2010 at 7:16 PM -

    hi there im after 20 of the dummy blackberrys how much wood tht cost cheers levi

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