The Best Smartphone for Business

Britney December 1, 2010 0

Smartphones have become so popular and widespread that they are useful for a number of business purposes. This makes choosing the smartphone for business a difficult task that may require additional information to make an informed decision.

Specific Business Requirements

Individuals who are involved in business have specific requirements and needs that they have to get out of their smartphones such as organization and calendar abilities, a reminder system, flexible alerts and video calling features. Because of e-mail being such an integral part of daily business, the phone with great email capabilities that allow you to keep in touch with your office and colleagues is indispensable.

Multiple Document Viewers

In addition to email capabilities, it is important that business smartphones have the ability to use multiple document types as business people tend to send and receive presentation documents of all shapes and sizes. Document viewers that can render Microsoft Word files, Adobe Acrobat files, PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets are expected in a business environment. When you have limited capabilities regarding these issues you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to ease of communication in and out of the office. Examples of phones that have these capabilities are the BlackBerry Storm 9530, and the LG KP500.

Design of Your Business Smartphone

It is recommended that you get it feel for your potential phone by playing around with it and testing out the various capabilities in real time if possible. Sometimes while the aesthetics of the phone seem great, it can sometimes be useful to use the phone by actually putting your hands on it. It is important that your phone has features that are both convenient, easy to use, and efficient. For instance, the Motorola DROID Pro only has a QWERTY keyboard while the BlackBerry Torch and the business-ready iPhone 4 only has a touchscreen. Different users have preferences so it is best to try the phones out first in person. No one wants to do something on a poorly designed smartphone over and over again; that is cumbersome and unproductive, like copy and pasting.

Other Features of Interest

QWERTY keyboards are a very useful feature to have on a smartphone. Another important feature for a business smartphone to have is the ability to print. With infrared capabilities, many smartphones can communicate between other electronic devices. This means that you can locate a printer and get a hard copy of the file on demand no matter what your location is as long as an infrared-capable printer is available. Two good business smartphones that can print are the Samsung Focus and the Samsung Galaxy S.

The available accessories of a smartphone is something that should not be overlooked. Some business smartphone companies provide a line of accessories that can complement, enhance, and enable the various tasks that businesspeople undertake on a daily basis, making life easier for you in the process. Accessories should go hand in hand with a sound data and text messaging client that will allow for speed, accessibility, and overall effective communication.

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