AT&T to offer insurance on iPhones?

Justin Cauchon May 29, 2010 0

A big complaint of many AT&T iPhone users is that the AT&T offers no insurance on it. Every other smartphone on the carrier has insurance that can be purchased for a monthly fee with a deductible is a claim is made. However, it seems AT&T is prepping its internal employees on what seems the company calls “MobileProtect Insurance for Your iPhone”. This feature, backed by Asurion, will be available through Apple app store for $13.99 a month. The downside is that the deductibles for the iPhone may not be worth it since it will range from $99 for the 8GB 3G to $199 for the 32GB 3GS. The feature will also need to be added within 30-days of upgrading or purchasing a iPhone.


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