FireFox Beta Coming to Android in February?

Luis Collazo January 27, 2010 1

Firefox, one of the Internet’s best web browsers, is now working on a project for the Android platform and it will probably be known as Fennec as well. Fennec, which means little fox, is currently still in the alpha stage for the Windows Mobile Phone platform and has been like that for almost close to a year. Just a little ove 7 months ago we heard that the Mozilla company was working on a browser fr the Android platform and now that product is coming to reality. There are reports on the German Mozilla community website that they are preparing the first Beta (Fennec) for Android to be out in February. To make things even more interesting, the Google Labs site listed a Labs Night meeting for yesterday where Jay Sullivan (Mozilla VP of Mobile) would discuss their mobile strategy and demo the FireFox for Android beta. It will be interesting to see what Mozilla can do for the Android platform because their stock browser is getting a tad bit better at rendering full websites and quicker loading times on each software update. Now we can’t forget about the downloadable Dolphin browser, which implements multi-touch in the browser, something that the stock Android browser doesn’t have.

Source AndroidSPIN

UPDATE: It appears that February was a bit “optimistic” and Firefox for Android is more likely several months away although progress is being made quickly. To follow progress of the project visit this link.

Good news for those looking to replace the stock Android browser on your device. The first beta version of Firefox for Android (Fennec) will be released in February 2010. Currently, Firefox is among the most popular PC browsers, and my personal favorite. We have seen Fennec operating on the Nokia N900, but now with Firefox for Android the company’s plans go even further.

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  1. Mark Finkle January 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM -

    Firefox for Android is _not_ coming in February. We only have some of the basic systems working on Android. Better expectations would be an Alpha in June or July of 2010.

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