Is this Google’s next Nexus phone?

Luis Collazo May 28, 2011 1

According to Mr. Blurrycam above, blog site has gotten an exclusive picture of what seems to be the next Nexus device from Google. The news comes from guy that works in the Android team at Google and who is very close to the author on Techhog. Being close to certain people does have its perks. The device shown above seems to be a device made by HTC and lacks the usual four hardware buttons as on previous Android devices, which Google seems to be doing away with Ice Cream Sandwich as they did with Honeycomb. News of this device made by HTC may come as a surprise to most of you since we’ve heard that LG was in the running to make the next Nexus device. People that are on the Android team are trying to push for the HTC made device due to HTC’s build quality as of recent (hence the HTC Sensation aluminum unibody build). Time will tell which device gets the decision and more news will break out in the near future.

Image courtesy of Techhog

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  1. Aggarwal Rahul May 30, 2011 at 4:54 AM -

    Google nexus now being talked
    about after the alleged leak about its features is now being discussed about
    the absence of physical buttons. Also, the prototype seeming to be a crossover
    of the smartphone and tablet, Google’s nexus being a first device to run the much
    awaited ICS is creating ripples in the mobile industry. The claim of HTC being
    the prospective manufacturer also seems likely as the leaked photo of the
    devices bears a strong resemblance to the Desire HD.

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