Cobra Universal Mini Mount review

Justin Cauchon May 17, 2011 0

Ever wish you had a way to keep your phone mounted in your car so you could easily view texts and calls without having to look down? How about when you use that smartphone as your navigation and you are constantly swerving all over the road when you look down at your phone for the next direction?

Cobra aims to solve these problems for you with its new Universal Mini Mount accessory. The Universal Mini Mount is designed to mount to any flat surface with no mess, glue, or tools. It uses a strong suction cup technique that provides a really strong hold on any flat surface. Cobra explains that it can be used in tons of different environments including cars, plains, homes, boats, and offices. The Cobra Universal Mini Mount is not just your regular old phone mount, this one features Ever-Last BreakAway Adhesive Technology that guarantees an adhesive that can be revived with simple glass cleaner.

Last week we took a long road trip from Florida to Massachusetts and figured that this trip was the time to test out the Cobra Universal Mini Mount. As you might expect, we are addicted to our phones so it is important for us to be able to keep it in sight during our long drive. Not only that, but we use the iPhone as our music source for long trips too. The Universal Mini Mount was a great resource during our trip, where we could easily see incoming texts and calls, then answer the calls using our bluetooth headset. The swivel and lock “ball-n-socket” joint allows for easy viewing and adjustment so we can change the view as needed.

The biggest concern we had before setting this product up in our car was how the adhesive would stay sticky enough to hold our phone throughout the trip. The company had promised “Ever-Last BreakAway Adhesive Technology” and we found that it worked as said. When the adhesive started losing its stickiness, we took some Windex and cleaned the pad. Instantly, we noticed that it was once again sticky and able to hold our phone the way we wanted.

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