Shazam updates Android app; unlimited tagging throughout 2011

Justin Cauchon April 28, 2011 0

Shazam is giving Android users unlimited tagging with its major update released yesterday, April 28. The update brings along two major features. The first being unlimited tagging, thanks to eBay. The second feature being Shazam Friends, a real-time feed within the App of songs that Facebook friends have tagged.

Normally users would have to upgrade to Shazam Encore app for $4.99 if they wanted to tag more than 5 songs a month. This update gets rid of this limit and allows users to tag unlimited song through January 1, 2012. Hit the jump for the full press release.

Shazam Launches “Unlimited Tagging” Globally in Free App for Android

First of its Kind Sponsorship with eBay and Facebook® Integration with Shazam Friends makes Discovering and Sharing Music Effortless


London, UK – 28 April 2011 – Shazam®, the world’s leading mobile discovery company, today announced a major update to its Shazam App for Android which brings with it two exciting new features: unlimited tagging sponsored by eBay for all Shazamers using the Shazam Free App and “Shazam Friends”, a real-time feed within the App of songs that Facebook friends have tagged, creating a continuously updating list for Shazamers to discover and share new music with their friends.


This is the first exclusive App sponsorship deal agreed by eBay anywhere in the world, and the first time Shazam has selected a partner to provide free services to their customers.


Alex Musil, Executive Vice President of Product Marketing at Shazam said, “eBay is a brand people know and love, and we’re excited to announce them as our exclusive sponsor, bringing all Android Shazamers the benefit of unlimited music discovery.” Musil continued, “In addition, we’re pleased to offer Android Shazamers access to the Shazam Friends social feature, allowing them to share their music discoveries with their Facebook friends and family while discovering exciting new music and content themselves in a continuously updating feed.”

This update of the Shazam Free App – which usually comes with five tags per month – will enable new and existing users to receive free unlimited Shazaming until January 1, 2012.

Steve Yankovich, Vice President of eBay Mobile said, “Like eBay, Shazam connects consumers with the content, products and information they want.  We are excited to sponsor Shazam’s Android App offering millions of consumers the chance to do even more of what they love, while expanding their ability to Shazam and share the music they’re most passionate about.”

Shazam Friends is easy to set up and, upon updating the App, a new “Friends” tab will appear.  Once a Shazamer logs into their Facebook account and confirms they would like to connect and share with friends, they can:

  • Browse all of their friends’ tags, watch music videos, read reviews, access biographies and get artist tour information
  • See all recent tags from a particular friend in one list
  • Add friends’ tags to their Shazam tag list
  • Purchase the track
  • Where available, use streaming services to play the song from their playlist
  • Post tags to Facebook and Twitter, add comments, and give their friends a chance to comment
  • Encourage friends to join them in using Shazam Friends


Shazam Friends is already available in both Shazam Free and Encore Apps on Apple’s iOS devices and now on Android devices. Shazamers can manage the sharing of their tags and decide to stop sharing at any time, while still being able to see their friends’ tags. For two friends to see each other’s tags, they both have to connect their Facebook accounts to Shazam.


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