Verizon ditching one year contract renewals beginning April 17 (Update)

Justin Cauchon April 7, 2011 2

Hate signing your wireless life away for two whole years? Luckily Verizon has always offered customers the chance to pay a higher retail price for the handset in exchange for a one year contract. But that all ends on April 17th, when Verizon will be getting rid of one year contract renewals for everyone except a few select business accounts, according to tipster JP Whoregan.

UPDATE: An anonymous tipster who works at an indirect Verizon location sent over a copy of the memo sent out to all locations:

From: Verizon Wireless

Date: April 6, 2011

Subject: 1-Year Contract Elimination

Effective April 17, 2011, Verizon Wireless will further simplify the VZW service experience by removing the one year customer agreement (CA) option for most customers.

This means VZW will no longer offer one-year CAs to consumers, including those who are “employee liable end users” (ELEU), any business customers without an ECPD profile and the “grandfathered” Alltel Lifetime customers.

For those agents/retailers whoa re authorized to support business customers with an ECPD profile, VZW will continue to provide the one-year CA for those types of customers, based on their negotiated agreements.

This policy change applies to all transactions, plan types, and device types. Customers should continue to be informed of all VZW service options available to them, such as Prepay, Month to Month, and 2 year CAs.

Thank you for your support with this change. Training to support the available will be available.


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