Yobongo goes into private beta

Justin Cauchon February 20, 2011 0


It isn’t everyday that we post about an iPhone app that we think is extraordinary special. But we think that Yobongo may be that special. Yobongo is an iOS app, currently in private beta, that automatically connects you to conversations happening around you. There is no need to select a room or find people to follow, the app will automatically put you in a conversation with people you do not know around your area. It uses the iPhone’s built-in gps to tell where you are and will place you in a conversation room to start talking with those near you. The app was created by Caleb Elston, former VP of Product at Justin.tv, who left the company to pursue his Yobongo app idea.

Now, there is quite a long waiting list to get in on this private beta, but we suggest you put your name on the list now and hope for a invite as soon as possible.

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