GV Mobile + hits the App Store!

Luis Collazo September 18, 2010 0

Hot off the presses, Boy Genius brings the cat out of the bag with an exclusive we’ve been waiting for a long time now and it’s finally here. GV Mobile, the original Google Voice app for the iPhone, has finally been approved in the App Store. Apple has finally lightened on the restrictions it has for it’s App Store and this app goes to prove it. The app has just been approved literally just minutes ago and the price is going for $2.99. It is packed full of features — everything you’d want in a Google Voice native application, and we can’t wait until everyone gets to try it out. So, what are you waiting for? We have direct link from iTunes for you. So who wants to get their GV on? Let us know when you download it and tell us how your experience is. Do you think it’ll be better than the first time or the same?

S/N: The app literally just got into the Store so if it isn’t working for you at the moment, then the rest of the world is trying to download this at the same time you are. Good luck!

GV Mobile +

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