Users Reporting Early iPhone 4 Screen Discoloration Issues, Battery and Performance Issues with iOS4 on iPhone 3GS

Nick Diieso June 23, 2010 1

Reports from all over the web are hinting at some troubling new developments as we approach the official iPhone 4 release date of June 24th, 2010.
Bloggers on DailyTech, MacRumors, and Gizmodo (links below) are reporting that some users who have received their iPhones early have noticed a yellow discoloration at the bottom right and left hand corners of the vaunted “Retina” display.

Given the fanfare and promotion of the high-tech screens, Apple could be in trouble if many of the initial release iPhone 4’s have this discoloration problem- especially due to the current supply issues with the iPhone 4.

If you’ve got a discolored iPhone 4, let us know in the comments and good luck- you could be waiting a few days before there are enough phones to exchange yours under warranty.

In addition, iPhone 3GS users- including this author- have noticed a DRAMATIC drop in battery life while using the iPhone 3GS with the new iOS4 software.  Our own testing indicates a 25-35% drop in battery life using the new software with our iPhones.  Couple this with some added sluggishness (a result of the 3GS’ weaker processor as compared to the iPhone 4’s A4 processor)  and Apple might have to hurriedly push out a 4.1 update in order to rectify these issues.

UPDATE: See picture at the top of this article and Andrew’s post here: (


(Photo credit: Gizmodo)

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