REVIEW: Powermat Wireless Charging

Andrew Duong June 7, 2010 0

As the years slowly past, technology grows, and with that said. Powermat as decided to put their foot forward and invent this new product called Powermat. Now your first question would and should be. What is Powermat? Well a simple answer would be. It’s a wireless charging dock. Now not only does charge one device, but it can charge multiple devices, and with that said. We will be reviewing Powermat’s Wireless Charging devices as well as deciding which one is good for you.

The first charging device we have here is the Powermat Portable Mat. This lets you wirelessly charge 3 devices at once. This device comes with one Powercube which allows you to charge over 100 devices. The Powercube is an adapter with multiple tips including DS, DSi, MiniUSB, MicroUSB, Apple etc… The Portable Mat is capable with any of the accessories that can be purchased. The Portable Mat also includes case that allows you to store away your Powermat and bring it with you when you travel. The 3 pads can easily foldaway for portable use. The Portable Mat will run you for a retail price of $99.99

The next thing we have is the Powermat 2X. This powermat set allows you to charge 2 devices at once and is super sleek and sexy for home or office. It fits right on your desk and beside. The Powermat 2X includes one Universal Powercube Receiver which allows charging to over 100 devices. This powermat is a great start for wireless charging technology and will only run for $59.99. Accessories can be purchased later and added on.

For the Apple lovers. Powermat has released the Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone. This is one of the hottest packages for iPhone enthusiasts. This package includes a simple one pad charger as well as a hot looking case that is attached to the iPhone to allow wireless drop-and-charge to work and will only cost you $69.99. Don’t have an iPhone? That’s ok. If you have any Apple product, you will be able to charge it with this Powermat iPod & iPhone receiver. A simple docking stand that can be used on any of the Powermat charging pads and will only run you for $39.99.

So what’s the right Powermat for you? Well if you have many devices, I would recommend the 3 pad Powermat Portable Mat. If your looking to only charge your phone and maybe bluetooth then maybe your best off with the Powermat 2X. Have an iPhone? The charging bundle would do best for you. So the real question is, should I get it? Well while I think it’s a great technology, it still isn’t that well developed and quite expensive for an alternative way to charge your gadgets.


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