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Justin Cauchon March 25, 2010 2

Earlier this month, case-mate introduced its newest iPhone case, the Hug. But it isn’t just a iPhone case, the Hug also includes a charging pad that lets you charge your iPhone by just placing it on the pad. Wireless charging has started to become more popular in the past few months following the popularity of the PowerMat and the Touchstone for Palm devices. As you will see in the review, the technology has come a long way over time.

The case itself is really impressive. While it does make the phone a bit larger, it does so while making the iPhone look pretty damn good. The Hug case has two parts that snap together to make a tight fit. There are holes for everything you would need, minus the iPod dock meaning you won’t be able to dock it. It coves all surface of the device except the screen so it really protects the phone from scratching and dents.

The next component of the Hug is the wireless charging pad. By simply placing the phone on the pad, the phone will start charging. In about two hours your iPhone can go from dead to fully charged with the Hug. The pad uses eCoupled wireless charging technology so you can use it with future devices that are capable of wireless charging. The charging pad itself is very thin and light so it is easy to bring around if you travel a lot. I found this to be a great thing for the office because it doesn’t take up much room and is so easy to use.

While the Hug was great for charging the iPhone fast, it seemed to make a ticking noise when the phone was on the charging pad. It was really low, but in completely quiet we could hear the noise. Now we aren’t sure if this is just our unit or a known issue.

What we like: Nice looking case, thin and easy to carry charging pad, fast charging

What we didn’t like: Makes ticking noise when charging

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  1. Jeffrey Bartberger September 22, 2010 at 10:51 PM -

    My husband and I are always commenting on the way this blog has evolved over time. I appreciate reading what you have to say and although I’m mainly just a lurker and never comment, I decided to take a step out of my norn and thank you for the well written articles that you release. I just wish at that you would take a little more time and break down in detail some of the things you discuss because the average Joe probably wouldn’t get it.

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