webOS 1.4 update available for Sprint customers

Justin Cauchon February 27, 2010 0

Sprint and Palm released the long awaited webOS 1.4 update. However, Verizon customers are still in the dark and have no received the update. Over the past few months, we have talked a lot about the webOS 1.4 update (here, here, and here) and we are excited about it. Sprint posted up a change list which consist of:

This update fixes:

  • Time zone and network time sync bug
  • BlueTooth car-kit transition to device
  • Missing EV icon bug
  • Random browser formatting bugs
  • Incorrect digital roaming display
  • Missing contacts on device swap

This update includes enhancements to:

  • Phonebook transfers
  • Capturing, sharing and editing videos
  • Phone and calendar performance
  • Email and messaging
  • Adobe Flash 10
  • Notifications

Check out the forum post here.

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