Review: iFrogz EarPollution Timbre earbuds with microphone

Justin Cauchon January 19, 2010 0

Earlier this week we reviewed the iFrogz MyFrogz custom iPhone case, now we are bringing you the EarPollution Timbre earbuds review. We at Smartphone Nation love music and often use our phones as music players on the go. Therefore, we like using earphones that also have a built-in microphone for answering phone calls. The iFrogz Timbre earphones with a microphone satisfy those needs.


These earphones have a natural wood chamber that serves a few purposes. Most importantly, the wood chamber helps with the superb sound that you get from these earbuds. Secondly, it just looks so damn classic. We think that the black cord iFrogz uses complements the wood chamber style. When holding the earbuds the wood chamber looks like high quality wood and the earbuds also seem to be made with quality in mind. As you move down the cord, you see a microphone that allows you to pick up a call and talk without taking the earbuds out.

While the look of the earbuds are important, the most critical component is the sound quality that they produce. We used the Timbre earbuds on the long plane ride home from CES and were pretty surprised with them. The earbuds blocked out the majority of sounds that would be heard on an airplane including the sound of the plane and people talking around us. When evaluating the sound quality, we found that it really brought out the sounds of the music. We compared them to the earbuds that come with the iPhone iPhone and found that the Timbre ones sounded noticeably better.

We gave the attached microphone a try on our BlackBerry Bold 9700. After a few calls we found that the quality was high. When the other side was talking, it came in clear and really blocked out all ambient noise. The people we talked to said that it was clear and sounded fine.

As a conclusion, the iFrogz EarPollution Timbre earbuds are a great value. At $49.99, these earbuds really perform with great music quality and have a microphone that delivers clear voice quality. When using the earbuds in a noisy environment, they effectively block out the majority of the noise.

The Timbres can be purchased at the iFrogz website.

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