Smartphone Nation is Changing

Justin Cauchon December 21, 2009 3

Phone junkies rejoice, Smartphone Nation is shifting its content and focus for the better. Previously, Smartphone Nation was focused on smartphone news and rumors, with a few reviews here and there. However, we are now going to be concentrating on smartphone reviews, accessory reviews, application reviews and launches, and new product launches. All of this will be revolving around the smartphone device so there will be no off topic review or launch coverage.

We have done numerous handset reviews in the past, recent reviews include BlackBerry 9700, HTC Magic, Nokia E71x, and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. We have also reviews many accessories that revolve around smartphones including iSkin soloFX, Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 bluetooth earphones, and the Jawbone Prime bluetooth headset. We are going to continue to do this quality of reviews while also increasing the amount of reviews posted on the website.


  1. Alex December 23, 2009 at 12:44 AM -

    I’m looking forward to the change. The reviews are great on here, so I’m excited to see a lot more.

  2. Bradley C January 6, 2010 at 1:09 AM -

    Like my wife always says, “Change Is Good”

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