Motorola MILESTONE Coming to TELUS in early 2010

Andrew Duong November 10, 2009 0


I can’t say I’m not surprised, but I am excited. Why am I excited you ask? It’s because the Motorola “Milestone” isn’t CDMA. Yes, its not CDMA!! It’s a full GSM with North American 3G bands! (850/1900MHz) So this means that not only TELUS will make a load of cash… well, yes it does mean that, because now Canadian and American users can purchase the Motorola Milestone and use it on their AT&T/Rogers etc… carrier (that’s of course after the phones been unlocked).

So there’s no exact date that’s been set but rumors are that TELUS will release the phone “early 2010” (assuming that means Q1 of 2010) and the phone will be “TELUS exclusive” meaning no other carrier will carry this phone. No pricing as of yet but stay tuned.

[Source via Boy Genius Report]

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