Q4 Leaks of Devices and Plans for Rogers?

Andrew Duong October 28, 2009 1


Q4 is soon, and so are sales and a bunch of phone releases for Rogers. Non the less, PhoneModo from HowardForums has released a some pictures of upcoming devices as well as plans and marketing ideas for Rogers. It seems that they aren’t aiming for smartphone users, but instead, the so called “Webphones” Read on for more information about the devices and plans for Q4.

 ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! Q4 is upon us, and PhoneModo is here to bring you the details. Of course, you can always find these soon on either themobileninjas.com and eventually it’ll probably hit BGR.

So heres the skinny:
Rogers wants to go away from the smartphone monicker that Blackberry’s and other data devices carry, so they’re focussing on ‘Webphones’ this year. A website will be up in the next couple days (something like www.rogers.com/webphones) to further this idea. Essentially though, they want to focus on web browsing over ‘smart’ things like email etc. So which devices are they doing this? Whats their push?

(thats what’ll be plastered all over their advertising)
These phones are…

LG Eve- $49.99 3yr V+D
-5.0MP Camera, 3″ Touchscreen, Android, WiFi, GPS
Theres going to be lots of focus on this phone apparently. It will be the social networking device for the Webphone campaign. So expect it in the commercials.

White Blackberry Bold 9000- $99.99 w. 3yr V+D
– 2.0MP Camera, HSPA, GPS, WiFi *launch imminent*

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1- $99.99 w. 3yr V+D
– 3.2MP Camera, Wifi, Win Mo 6.1

Nokia N86- $99.99 w. 3yr V+D
– 8MP Camera, Ovi Store, Dual slide capabilites, 8GB on board memory (Coming in 3-4 weeks time)

HTC Magic- $79.99 w. 3yr V+D
– 3.2MP Camera, 3″ Touchscreen, Android, WiFi, GPS

It was a no show in the slideshow, however the blackberry rep said $299.99 pricing and launch is in mid-November GUARANTEED (shoot for Nov. 21st on this date was his word)

Other Phones Coming..
There wasn’t much information about other phones coming to Rogers, other than the 5 above, but I do know that the Nokia Mural is coming. No pricing released. And as we all know (since its now shipping out to channels) the Nokia Surge is going to be part of the Quick Messaging Device offering from Rogers. They gave a couple of those out at our launch. Nice device for some.

– Added into Mega Value Combos is the ability to get Unlimited network calling
– Additional minutes to be added in
– Same pricing as currently
– MY5 Local is going to MY5 Canada Wide
– Limited texting option is now Unlimited (when choosing your value add-on with MVC)

– Adding Samsung S366 and Nokia 5130 to prepaid lineup (should be $115 and $120 respectively)
– $29 Call, Text, Click and $29 MY5 plans are now priced at $25

[Source via HowardForums]

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