REVIEW: Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth Earphone

Andrew Duong October 20, 2009 4


Ever hated using annoying earphones when your trying to work-out and have the line hanging down to your pocket where your phone or music player was connected? Well if you do, then you’re in luck. Sony Ericsson has recently released wireless headphones using bluetooth technology not too long ago and has sent us a free pair for us to review, and that we will do.


The Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 is a wireless, ultra-compact,  bluetooth earphone with a microphone which can be connected to any A2DP compatible music player or phone. The earphones have a built in battery and is charged with an AC adapter included when purchased and include a nice round carrying case. The earphones have one single button. Holding it turns it on, holding it again, turns it off. Simple enough.


The sound quality of the earphone has lots of tremble and some bass but not enough and doesn’t sound as great as wired earphones. The product is also quite pricey carrying a price-tag at around $129.99 USD depending on where you purchase it. The reason I love it is because once its synced with your phone. You can turn it on with just press of a button. Making phone calls with this was also great with the built in microphone and me and the other person on the other line had no problems hearing.


Battery life on this product is beyond amazing. If you find a phone that will last longer than the earphones battery life, your set. I’m still currently running on the first battery charge and my BlackBerry 8900 has never been able to last longer then it.

Overall, if you are paranoid of having earphone lines hanging down your shirt, then this is for you. If it doesn’t bother you, I wouldn’t suggest getting it mainly because of the price and how only a select few devices will allow full control of the HBH-IS800 bluetooth earphone. Also, the quality isn’t that great and for that price tag. You can easily find a good pair of quality earphones. Just make sure you charge your phone or mp3 player everyday. Bluetooth’s a battery killer.

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  1. ruknabid January 6, 2010 at 3:16 AM -

    I really wanna buy it..but it is still very expensive..
    I always wonder why Bluetooth had showed long time ago and many chip manufacturers made cheap chips, but products are still expensive..

  2. Marhta Yudell November 22, 2010 at 5:43 AM -

    wireless headphones are the best because they do not have those bulky wires ~;:

  3. Priescu Daniel December 21, 2010 at 7:20 AM -

    after microsim i think will come nanosim or something

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