Losing Information: Sidekick in Dangerous Water

Aaron October 10, 2009 0

613px-Color_sidekickAs someone in the field of technology, I cannot even begin to express how important my information is. I have several backups of all important information. Today Danger’s users are feeling the pain because of data loss on their servers. However, I seriously do not believe that anyone’s data in gone.

So what happened?

Remember that device that kept T-Mobile afloat all those years? The one glorified in every music video and carried by every teenager. Well the Google phone came out last year and all of a sudden the sidekick became less relevant. T-Mobile is the only carrier in the US still providing service through Danger. Suncom is gone… and most overseas carriers no longer support the Hiptop platform. So what is the point of keeping servers around when the ship is sinking? T-Mobile no longer needs the sidekick to bring in revenue; the carrier has more services and more devices that keep customers coming in. Microsoft purchased Danger and reportedly has them working on Project Pink. I believe that Danger is shaking the sidekick tree for apples, meaning they are trying to get rid of customers.

Since the platform’s release, there has not been an outage were customers have lost data. At least to my knowledge; I was a sidekick user for some years. Companies that deal with any type of data (internal or customer related) have several backups of information. Backups occur offsite and onsite. I am just not buying the answer they gave. I would like to see Danger come from behind T-Mobile and give people an official answer. I think people deserve that, after all their data is “GONE”.

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