iPhone 3GS gets jailbroken by the Dev Team

Andrew Duong June 28, 2009 2


Not to long ago, ultrasn0w was released for iPhone 3G/2G and allowed them to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3.0 firmware with just a few clicks and a few button-holding. We finally see some pictures of the Dev Team working up the iPhone 3GS jailbreaking and they’ve seem to have done a good job. Just before 4:00am, George Hotz (the first person to ever unlock an iPhone)  became the first person to have fully jailbroken the iPhone 3GS along with a help of his friends at Chronic Dev.  Now this software isn’t released as of yet, but considering “geohot” was up at 4:00am working on his iPhone 3GS, expect it to be out anytime this or next week. Yay George!

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