Telus may be getting the iPhone 3GS in October

Justin Cauchon June 24, 2009 2


The latest iPhone rumor to hit the Internet says that Telus will be acquiring the rights to the iPhone in October of this year. This information comes from RileyFreeman over at HowardForums, who is typically a reliable source of Telus news. He says this information comes directly from an executive at the phone company. The iPhone 3GS will be launching with Telus’ HSPA network. It is important to mention that Telus runs a CDMA network so if this rumor is true, Telus will be the first CDMA network to launch the iPhone.

[Via BGR]


  1. Cristian M September 24, 2009 at 3:34 AM -

    it’S because telus is moving to HSPA (GSM)network. they will be the first to have both GSM and CDMA under the same roof. Telus is going to get the HTC Hero as well as sprint. but now we’re not sure wich version (gsm) or (cdma)

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