iPhone Video to be announced tomorrow?

Aaron June 7, 2009 0

Note: The following article is an editorial. It does not represent the views of the website; it is from the perspective of the author.

new-matte-iphone-back-frontI would personally love to see all the rumors come to life tomorrow regarding the iPhone video. Now I’m almost sure that they will allow the new device to record video. But the video calling rumors have me a bit thrown. AT&T’s network is not the best in the 3g category. My personal experience (this will vary for everyone) is dropped calls on 3g 100% of the time. I will try not to be biased toward AT&T because journalists are supposed to be impartial. So I have two reasons why I believe there will be no video calling.

1. AT&T’s network cannot even handle regular audio calls without dropping them.

2.At the current state if they did employ such device I do not think they would use the iPhone as the guinea pig for it. I would say a LG/Samsung device would be launched first and then the iPhone would proceed.

Now it is possible that the device could have a front facing camera for Wifi video calling, with later support for AT&T’s network. But this is risky as well because they [AT&T] might never be able to deploy it. Most consumers just want features, even the higher level tech guys do. But you have to understand, companies cannot just throw features out there without a ton of research and development. Standards have to be in place to have features like calling. You would not want an iPhone Video that could not video call with normal phones that later introduce the feature.

Maybe Apple will prove me wrong. Hopefully tomorrow we will see some nice things at WWDC. Because remember WWDC is for developers!

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