REVIEW: iharmonix Platinum i-Series

Justin Cauchon March 18, 2009 0


We got our hands on some iharmonix Platinum i-Series stereo earphones and we have been testing them for a bit. iharmonix makes earphones at all different price ranges and many of them are compatible with smartphones. We chose to try the Platinum i-Series because we wanted superior sound quality, a lot of bass, and we liked the stainless steel casing. These headphones have a 3.5mm plug that should work with most recent smartphones including the iPhone. We tried the headphones with a Blackberry Bold, an iPhone, and a iPod Classic. Check out the full review after the jump.

The Platinum i-Series earphones, which go for $59.99, have three different sized earbuds that can be used. We ended up using the medium earbuds because we found the large ones to be too big and felt that the small ones did not deliver as much bass. The earbuds were very comfortable and easy to fit in the ears. Even when we jumped or ran the earbuds did not fall out or start coming out of the ear well.


The sound quality on these earphones were fantastic. The bass really stood out when were listening to music. Coming from everyday with just Apple iPod earbuds, it was like day and night. The iharmonix Platinum i-Series earphones sounded very clear when played at all sound levels. We took a song with a lot of bass and turned it to the highest level possible and the sound did not get distorted whatsoever.

On the right side of the earphone string is a microphone that clicks to let you answer and hang up calls or to pause and resume music. We tested it on the iPod, iPhone, and BlackBerry and found that on all three devices the microphone button paused and resumed the music. We made a bunch of test calls and found that the voice quality on the microphone was loud and clear. When the other person talked it was also very clear to hear them through the earphones.

All in all we thought these earphones were superb to any other earphones you would buy in this price range. The sound was outstanding and the quality did not decline as we increased the volume. The bass knocked just right and made for a sound that sounded like a high-end car sound system. We would recommend these to anyone who is looking to spend more than $50 but less than $100 on earphones that can be used as a microphone too.

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