Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5

Justin Cauchon February 16, 2009 1


Microsoft has announced an update to Windows Mobile that will bring smiles to users world-wide. The introduction of Windows Mobile 6.5 will be accompanied by Windows Marketplace and My Phone service.

Firstly, Windows Mobile will have a new OS design and browser. It will now understand new touch-screen motions, like slide with finger. It will also feature a new honeycomb menu which will allow you to select the programs you wish to use. The new Internet Explorer will be redesigned to render pages better and will have Flash Player lite. Windows Mobile 6.5 will available later this year, but there is no date set.

The My Phone service will allow Windows Mobile 6.5 users to access, manage, and back up their information to a password-protected web service. It will back up contacts, appointments, text messages, and other information in case you lose or upgrade your phone. Lastly My Phone users will be able to upload photos and videos from their phone directly to the service. The My Phone service is currently in a closed, invitation only beta.

Windows Marketplace will be similar to Android Marketplace and the Apple Application Store. It is going to allow customers to purchase mobile applications by using their Windows Live account.Over 20,000 applications have already been developed and have been approved by Microsoft.

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