Information about Android Cupcake update surfaces

Justin Cauchon January 23, 2009 0


Android users should be excited about a new software update called “Cupcake” coming to their phones. Cupcake is going to fix many issues with the operating system and add a bundle of features. Some of the new features include

  • New Local Setting Page – Gives you option to pick different locales and pick different text inputs.
  • New Option to view running and third party applications – An option to view running and third party applications from the normal application list. Does not provide a way to terminate them.
  • New windows opening/closing animation effect – a new popping effect when windows are opened/closed.
  • New default notepad – a very simple and ugly default notepad.
  • New Global Time application – not sure if it will be provided by T-Mobile but it’s just a rotating Earth and I couldn’t get it to do anything else.
  • New Spare Parts Application – Once again not sure if the official version will have this, but it provides a number of extra settings such as setting windows animation and transition animation speed, font size, end button behavior and etc. It also has a “display rotation” option which supposedly should allow auto-rotate base on orientation across the entire os, but it is not currently working.
  • New Virtual Keyboard – The virtual keyboard will pop up on every edit box. I didn’t feel any haptic feedback but I am thinking that it’s just not there on the example keyboard. Because the phone does not auto-rotate (an option exists but it doesn’t work), it’s very hard to type on it. The sample keyboard also does not provide auto-corrections.
  • Slightly better looking buttons with more shadow

Check out a bunch more pictures.








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