Verizon Ax’ing Rebates for Smartphones Priced $150 and Above?

Luis Collazo January 28, 2011 0


How many of you hate the mail-in-rebate process? I know I do. How many of you actually try to get your sales rep to try and just discount the device with an instant rebate so you wouldn’t have to mail-in the form? Its a hassle right? Majority of us actually forget to fill it out knowing it is “free” money. Well those wishes just might come true. Verizon Wireless will start making those dreams a reality on January 31st.

On January 31st, this new policy will place all smartphones priced at $150 and above will be eligible for the instant rebate. So if you want to purchase the new HTC Thunderbolt when it arrives sometime in February 24th, you’re not going to have to pay the X amount of dollars and then send in your rebate for the Visa gift card they send you two months later. Its a great deal breaker if you ask me. Now they’ll get more customers into the store than losing them to third-party dealers such as Best Buy and The Shack. Is anyone else excited about this besides me new customers or people upgrading to a new device?

Source Android Central

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