BREAKING: First Live Shots of the BlackBerry 8520

Tony Ortiz May 1, 2009 3


BGR brought us the first shots of what was a prototype model of the 8520 but it looks like CrackBerry just got a live production model up on it’s site.

Based on what CrackBerry is reporting, this BB is packing dedicated music buttons, a optical trackball, rubberized housing, and a clean all blacked out color scheme. Also note the screen protector seems to go over the call and send buttons as well.

No 3G on this sucker, but looks like it will have Wi-Fi and Curve branding.

An an 8900 owner myself, I have to admit I’m slightly jealous.



  1. Andy May 2, 2009 at 3:39 PM -

    Soooo, its a curve with optical trackball replacing a real trackball, and the newest RIM operating system. And still no 3G. Color me unimpressed.

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