Mini-Review: Motorola Q9n

Tony Ortiz March 16, 2009 0


We got a hold of a Q9n for a quick mini review. Hit the jump for some more pics and info!

The Motorola Q9n was running on Verizon Wireless and using Windows Mobile.


The first thing you’ll notice is the keyboard and large buttons. The keyboard is pretty much the same thing from previous Q’s. The large call and end buttons were very nice. The directional pad lit up when messages were received.

The windows overlay that Motorola has created for this phone was very clean. It had nice links to stock information and weather right on the desktop of the phone. The software ran rather quick on the model we were playing with and we didn’t notice the usual Windows Mobile slowdown.


The Q9n sports a 2 megapixel camera. When we launched the camera it was disappointing the see the floating zoom buttons on the screen, it takes up a lot of screen room. The screen quality was average at best.

You’ll also notice a fingerprint reader. We didn’t get to test it out much but the owner stated it was “very hit and miss” with reading a proper fingerprint.

Speaker quality was excellent like most Motorola phones.

The look and feel of the device was solid. It fit nicely in the hand and had a decent weight to it. Typing on it was a breeze.

Overall we’re pretty proud of Motorola and Verizon on this product. Looking forward to seeing it launch and I’m sure most Q owners can’t wait.

No ETA on pricing or availability. Hopefully soon! Git R’ dun VZW!

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