iPhone 3rd Gen: Has Apple Christmas come early?

Aaron May 31, 2009 1

iPhone AutoFocus

Christmas is December 25th; Apple’s Christmas falls sometime in the summer (June-July). It seems as if UMPCFever has started to deliver gifts extra early this year.

Several iPhone 3.0 hardware/software pictures have gotten the cheap cam treatment over the weekend. Including pictures of the rumored digital compass and autofocus. The digital compass feature looks sweet; I cannot even count the number of times google maps said go east and I go south. Autofocus will also be a large feature for the iPhone, hopefully we can get some of that G1 Barcode scanner love in Apple land. Let’s cross our fingers, that these pictures are real and we have just discovered a gold mine.

This is big news for Apple lovers, as everyone knows they have tight security on leaks. Maybe it’s time for the big boys to focus security overseas and not at Cupertino. The website who posted the pictures is down(UMPCFever), so it probably means someone got a letter.

UPDATE: The UMPCFever website is back up today, sans “iPhone HD” pictures. We think those pictures were the real deal and Apple asked for their removal.

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