Wal-Mart to carry the Palm Pre

Justin Cauchon May 18, 2009 1


If there is one thing Wal-Mart is slacking in, it’s electronics. There is not much of a phone selection and a messy electronics department with not much customer service. However, this week Wal-Mart will be revamping more than 3,500 of its stores electronics departments to try to take Circuit City’s customers.

Along with the electronics department revamping, they will also begin carrying more high-end smartphones starting with the Palm Pre. Currently Wal-Mart carries the iPhone for $2 less than its competitors, so we can expect the Palm Pre to be discounted more than at Best Buy or the Sprint store.


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  1. Laurette Mcavoy July 18, 2010 at 8:20 PM -

    I’ve had my Pre given that shortly following release and am glad to discover (via this forum) that I can now set a ring tone on incoming text messages and can seek via e-mails and this kind of. Now is there any hope for an upcoming launch in which I can lookup my calendar? Would make my work a great deal simpler, obtaining dates of last appointments. No other complaints, except that yesterday I used to be in and out of Sprint assistance (not unusual). I consider I was roaming, and looked at my calendar. Everything from the calendar was just one hour earlier than what I had input. The clock was a single hour early as well. I was frightened to death–then, when we got back into Sprint service again, everything was normalized. Has this happened to anyone else?? Hunting forward to answers, but please recall, I’m no techie and speak English as opposed to technospeak.

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