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Sprint’s iPhone Killer? – Introducing the Samsung Instinct

Sprint’s iPhone Killer? – Introducing the Samsung Instinct

Justin Cauchon April 3, 2008 2

Many have been waiting for an “iPhone killer” to drop on Sprint. It seems that they chose Samsung to design the phone, it is called the Instinct. This phone has all the cool features

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Official Blackberry Community Forum Launched

Justin Cauchon April 2, 2008 1

RIM launched an official support forum yesterday. This forum will allow Blackberry users and future users to talk about their phone and ask questions. The questions will be answered by other members, while there

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Blackberry Curve Coming to Verizon

Justin Cauchon March 31, 2008 0

Earlier today Verizon Wireless announced that they would release the latest device on the market, the Blackberry 8330. The 8330 for Verizon will be essentially the same at the 8310 for ATT, besides the

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Blackberry 9000 Pictures

Justin Cauchon March 29, 2008 0

As many of the phone addicts know, RIM will soon be releasing a new Blackberry, the model being 9000. This phone will be the successor to the Blackberry 8800. But what is the difference?

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BGR: Exclusive iPhone with Version 2.0

Justin Cauchon March 24, 2008 0

Boy Genius, of the, got his hands on what seems to be the first real iPhone with version 2.0 on it. He posted a lot of great pictures that shows in depth how

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Scheduled Blackberry Outage

Justin Cauchon March 20, 2008 0

Research In Motion has informed its consumers that there will be a service outage this Saturday from 2:00 am to 6:00 am. This comes after numerous unannounced outages in the past year. RIM says,

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iPhone SDK and Application News

Justin Cauchon March 6, 2008 1

Apple is releasing the SDK to thousands of developers today! Anyone can download this for free starting in a few hours. AOL, EA, SEGA and a few other companies got the SDK two weeks

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iPhone Gets Microsoft ActiveSync Support

Justin Cauchon March 6, 2008 0

The iPhone is going to get enterprise support! Features like push email, push calendar, push contacts, global address list and more will be there! The iPhone will also support Microsoft’s ActiveSync! Thank you to

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No iPhone Flash Support in Near Future

Justin Cauchon March 5, 2008 0

Looks like bad news for all those waiting for flash support on the iPhone. In a recent interview with, Steve Jobs said there will not be flash support for the iPhone anytime soon.

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WiFi Blackberry Coming to iDEN

Justin Cauchon March 1, 2008 0

It is official, the first ever iDEN WiFi Blackberry! This new piece of technology will be introduced later this year. It will feature push-to-talk, a QWERTY keypad and contemporary industrial design. Who announced this?

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