Playa iPhone case is protection for you and your phone

Justin Cauchon April 4, 2012 0

Annex Products found that there was a need for a discrete way to have condoms on you at all times. The case company’s answer is the Playa case, a way to protect you and your phone.

This case has a polycarbonate hard case that fits the iPhone 4 and 4S. The real appeal behind the case is the discrete storage compartment that is designed to carry two condoms.

“Annex Products has always prided itself on developing strong, reliable protection solutions for the iPhone,” says Annex Products co-owner, Robert Ward. “With the Playa™ Case, we have taken protection to another level, for the iPhone user, and not just the phone itself,” Ward says.

The Playa case will be available for $29.95 in black, white and pink. It will be available for purchase in the summer 2012.

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