Bamboo Stylus for iPad by Wacom review

Justin Cauchon July 31, 2011 0

IPad Stylus

We have long been looking for a practical iPad stylus to quickly take handwritten notes when necessary. We stare at the HTC Flyer and its beautiful stylus with jealousy and hope someday we will find something as good.

We got our hands on the Bamboo Stylus for iPad. This stylus is manfactured by Wacom, a company known for its patented pen and touch input technology. The pen itself looks clean and professional for business use or for simply taking quick notes when needed. It has a pen clip that makes it convient to carry around or clip to your iPad case. It’s style is a nice mix of black and silver with a classy “BAMBOO” branding on its side.

Now that we know it looks hot, let’s see how it works in real life. Unforuntately, we haven’t seen anything with a pen-style tip like the HTC Flyer stylus due to restrictions with the capacitive display on the iPad. For that reason, iPad users are stuck with these somewhat annoying rubber tips at the end of the stylus. The Bamboo Stylus for iPad works great when taking notes, using the iPad when your finger gets tired, or using art apps. We found that it took more pressure than we would have liked for it to register the touch, but that may be part of the downsides to a capacitive display. Overall, it gave us a better experience than the Targus iPad Stylus we found in Best Buy stores.

But the hardware is not the only thing Wacom has blessed our iPads with. The company has release an iPad app called Bamboo Papaer that lets users create virtual notebooks for their iPad and works perfectly alongside the Bamboo Stylus. The app is free and is rather easy to use.

The Bamboo Stylus for iPad will run you $29.95 and is available from Wacom’s website.

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