Why you should try Grooveshark and ditch iTunes

Justin Cauchon January 21, 2011 3

This is not a sponsored post, I just think that more people should give GrooveShark a try. I’ve heard of the company before and used it a few times in the past. However, this changed when I went VIP and I am not using GrooveShark all day, everyday. I stumbled on a promotion Grooveshark is running where you get a free year of VIP (usually $9 a month) when you buy a a T-Shirt or accessory that the company has chosen as part of this promotion. Most shirts cost around $18-20, but beware that the store is out of most sizes and most shirts already so you might have to choose something you won’t wear. Once purchased, you will soon get a confirmation email with a code for a free year of Grooveshark Anywhere VIP. Beware, this is a limited time offer so it may be outdated upon reading this article.

What is Grooveshark? It is essentially a legal way to listen to almost any song. If you want details on why it is legal check out this article. The web client (only option for non-VIP members), pictured above, resembles a nicely designed media application. Users upload music to the site and then other users can listen to it. You can create playlists, follow playlists other users made, add songs to your library, see most popular songs right now, and use a the Radio feature.

Grooveshark is similar to Spotify, however Spotify is not available in the United States yet. You can listen to almost any song or album which is just a fantastic thing. The Grooveshark Radio feature is similar to Pandora, but not as good.

So Grooveshark really gets interesting when you get Anywhere VIP. Once you shell out the $9 a month (or the deal mentioned in the first paragraph) you will instantly get features that will change the way you listen to music. You get some cool stuff like no advertisements, more skins, priority customer service and sneak peaks at the latest projects. Moreover, you get access to the Grooveshark Desktop Application and can use the service on your supported mobile phone. Since purchase, Grooveshark has replaced the spot where iTunes was and replaced the “iPod” app on my iPhone.

The Grooveshark Desktop App replaced iTunes on my computer for many reasons. First of all, you can create playlists, have your own library, favorite music, and get any song for free. The desktop app, which is getting an update soon, lets you do everything you could do with iTunes and more.

Additionally, there is no reason to use the iPod iPhone App or Android media player ¬†because Grooveshark automatically syncs your playlists and music to your phone. Scared of going over data or not having Internet? You can download any song to your “Offline Songs” part of the app. You can use the radio feature on it, similar to the Pandora app. By the way… you must have a jailbroken iPhone to get the Grooveshark app.

Skeptical? Go create an account and check it out. The website has done a nice job with its service and is well worth the two minutes it will take to sign up.



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