Google stops selling Nexus One online. Carriers to pick it up?

Andrew Duong May 16, 2010 2

A little bit late, but Google has decided to stop selling their famous Nexus One Android phone online and go through the normal way and have carriers subsidize them. Apparently, consumers would like to try and have hands on with the phone before they decide to purchase it. Quite true actually. How many of you people walk by your local carrier and play with their phones and pretend to make calls even though it doesn’t even power on. I sure did when I was young.

So which carriers will get them? Well besides T-Mobile, we’d say there wouldn’t be too much wanting to pick it up. Rogers? AT&T? All of which have Android phones already comparable to the Nexus One, especially since the HTC Incredible is out and the EVO 4G coming soon. Nice try Google, but not too many people would pay full price for their cellphones and not too many carriers want to pick it up roughly 6 months after it’s been released.

[Source via: Engadget Mobile]


  1. Luis May 18, 2010 at 3:15 PM -

    Hey Google, don’t you think it’s time you drop the subsidy pricing since it has been 6 months? I’m just saying..

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