Canadian iPad’s now available for Pre-Order. Rogers drop iPad Price Plans.

Andrew Duong May 10, 2010 1

As you may of heard. Apple today has announced that they will start accepting pre-orders around the world for the Apple iPad. Canadians will have the choice of 2 different models in 3 different capacities. WiFi models are as followed:

  • $549.00 for 16GB + WiFi
  • $649.00 for 32GB + WiFi
  • $749.00 for 64GB + WiFi

And for the 3G models, you’ll pay about $130 more for each model:

  • $679.00 for 16GB + WiFi/3G
  • $779.00 for 32GB + WiFi/3G
  • $879.00 for 64GB + WiFi/3G

As expected. Rogers today also announced their iPad pricing for Canadian consumers just in-time for Apple to start pre-orders. The price plan is nothing out of the ordinary and we didn’t expect the unlimited plan to roll out at all, but it’s decent and best of all, there’s no contract! So here’s the deal:

  • 250 MB for $15 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi hotspot)
  • 5 GB for $35 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi hotspot)

Rogers customer experience shows that 250mb/5GB plans will be more than enough for virtually all customers. 99.8% of iPhone customers use less then 5GB of data while 95.6% of rocket stick mobile internet users use less the 5GB per month. With the statistics, as you can see. 5GB should be enough for your iPad pleasure. And as for 250MB? not so much… choose wisely.

iPad Canadian Pre-Order

[Source via: RedBoard]

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