BlackBerry Service Arrives For Koodo Mobile

Andrew Duong April 1, 2010 2

It’s official (or we think so). Koodo mobile, a branch off Telus, has silently announced BlackBerry Services. The image above shows the Koodo Mobile BIS website where BlackBerry users go to setup their email.  Teenagers celebrate while parents pull out their sons/daughters college funds as they get ready to sign up for what we guess are the ridiculous priced Canadian data plans. No official information on what phones will be available but after surfing around HowardForums. We’ve heard that they will carry the BlackBerry Curve 8530. a 2 megapixel CDMA smartphone that’s currently available for Telus and Bell. We’re still wondering how much the device will cost if it is the 8530 and how much the data plan will be. I’m more interested to see the commercial…

[Source via: HowardForums]


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