Mossberg Leaks BlackBerry Storm 2 A Bit Early

Nick Diieso October 15, 2009 2


Looks like Mr. Mossberg from the venerable Wall Street Journal may have broken the news on the Storm 2 earlier than expected.

Even though RIM and Verizon have not officially announced the phone, Mossberg’s review confirms what many have been saying all along- that the Storm 2 will have a supremely improved touchscreen (although that’s not a high bar considering the relative clunkiness of the original screen) with electronic vs mechanical feedback and -at last- WiFi!
Mossberg echos my own personal sentiments regarding the BlackBerry interface and browser- it felt outdated 5 years ago and, when compared to the browsing experience of the G1 and the iPhone, it lacks panache, polish, and functionality- with the third criteria being essential for a business device.

Mossberg reports the unit will be priced “at around $200)

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Edit: image changed- thanks for the comment!


  1. Kevin October 15, 2009 at 2:34 PM -

    That is a picture of a Blackberry Storm 1!

  2. Nick Diieso October 17, 2009 at 4:36 PM -

    Thanks Kevin, changed!


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