T-Mobile BlackBerry “Driftwood” 9700 shows itself

Andrew Duong August 10, 2009 0


Kevin over at Crackberry.com recently spoted a 9700 with a T-Mobile branding on it. Now we’ve already seen the AT&T’s 9700 Onyx show up on the computer system but this was a huge suprise to us. Now the codename for the T-Mobile’s 9700 is suppose to be the BlackBerry Driftwood, but considering they’re both almost exactly the same, besides the silver bezel that the T-Mobile version has versus the “charcoal”¬†color that AT&T has and possibly the 3G band that T-Mobile has. It could possibly be the same name. For all you users that didn’t purchase the 8520, let’s hope it comes out soon so that you can grab this. For all you BlackBerry users that did purchase the 8520, will to be returning your phone and waiting for this? Or are you going to stick with it? Comment below

[Source via CrackBerry]

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